MP3: Warning Light – “Elaine Says”

Warning Light - XXXI

Can something be playfully ominous? Mischievously menacing? Because that’s how I’m tempted to describe the new single from Warning Light—a slow-pulsing carnival ride of dread that would be downright goofy if it weren’t also so damn eerie and creepy.

If you break the track down into its constituent parts, there really isn’t much to it—a steady bass thump, some shuffling electronic clatter and a simple, almost dopey, organ melody, all laid across a blanket of dark industrial synths, seething and droning in tension-inducing waves. But while the song lacks the motorik resolve of previous single, “Grace Under Pressure,” there’s still the sense of rhythmic movement that has marked composer Drew Haddon’s most recent evolution. I would hesitate to place this track among his finest work, but it still manages to leave quite an impression. Listen/download below.

Warning Light’s latest LP, XXXI, arrives November 25th via Stickfigure Recordings.

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