MP3: Warning Light – “Grace Under Pressure”

Warning Light - XXXI

For a decade now, experimental composer Drew Haddon has been perfecting his icy soundscapes under the moniker Warning Light, occasionally stabbing his monochromatic drones and fractal loops with hints of rhythmic color and texture. For his next album, XXXI, due out next month, Haddon promises to inject even greater movement into his ambient compositions resulting in what he calls “a rapid fire collection of Krautrock inspired electronic music.” Lead single “Grace Under Pressure” is our first peek at this new aesthetic and you can certainly hear what he’s driving at; namely, the insistent motorik pulse that propels the song forward. Warning Light’s most recent efforts, especially his A Vast Moment EP (read our review here), have hinted at this shift towards more rhythmic and colorful music, and this feels more like a culmination than a work in progress. Once a man who only worked in varying shades of black and gray, Haddon has lightened up considerably, and “Grace Under Pressure,” with its loopy synths and video game tones, has a welcome air of fun and frivolity. Give it a listen below.

XXXI will be released November 25th via Stickfigure Recordings.

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