PREMIERE: Campaign – “Chorus of Defeat”


2013 was a turbulent year for Campaign. The melodic hardcore quintet suffered through a series of hardships including multiple lineup changes and health issues that forced the band into an extended hiatus. At more than one point, the group considered dissolving the band for good. But instead, the members pulled together and in the spirit of camaraderie they did what any punk band worth their salt would do: they poured their problems, doubts and and fears into their music and quickly cranked out a new record. The end result, ENEMIES, comes out this Tuesday.

“The album tells a story of a lot of those bad times,” explains guitarist York Henderson. “The feeling of being stuck in your current situation, the boredom of getting older, dissolving friendships, and, of course, all the booze that can’t solve any of those problems. Our last proper release, The Black Album, was us toying around heavily with some of the sounds we enjoy incorporating into our songs, but with ENEMIES it came naturally to get back into some straightforward, catchy, punk songs. It feels like a return to what we do best.”

This morning, we’re stoked to be able to bring you the premiere of the record’s raucous first single, “Chorus of Defeat.” Longtime fans will be amped to hear a reinvigorated Campaign circling the wagons around their core elements: frenetic, four-on-the-floor rhythms, spring-loaded guitars and sandpaper vocals with just a hint of melodic honey. Lyrically, the song is full of anxiety and trepidation about the past, but the music is positively rousing, a boisterous shot of cathartic euphoria. Sometimes moving forward means accepting your weaknesses and acknowledging the need to wipe the slate clean. With “Chorus of Defeat,” Campaign look to be moving back in the right direction. Give it a listen below.

ENEMIES is out July 22 and will be available for free download on the band’s website. A limited number of physical copies will also be available via Muckman Records.

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