PREMIERE: Mara – “Diamonds”

Mara - EP

I’ve always been an admirer of Jordan Parker’s work in the much too unheralded Vera Vera, so you can imagine my excitement and curiosity when I discovered he was branching out on his own for a new solo project under the moniker Mara. The project’s debut release is an eponymous, six-song EP due out on November 25th via Deer Bear Wolf, and this morning we’re pleased to premiere the record’s first single, “Diamonds.”

Vera Vera’s greatest asset has always been the group’s ability to envelop everything they do—from the grimy garage rockers to the sultry electro stompers—in a murky midnight haze that makes every song seem like a call to excess and late-night revelry. With “Diamonds,” Parker maintains a similar aura of sunless mystery, but his alone-in-a-bedroom approach feels far more ethereal and confidential. He calls his new aesthetic “phantom pop,” and that’s a good a description as any. Here, spectral guitars unfurl themselves against the steady echo of an alluring backbeat while Parker’s vocals—smoky and elusive—lull you further into a kind of shadowy darkness. It’s simple but haunting, a mesmerizing first effort from one of the city’s emerging talents. Listen below.

Mara will celebrate the release his self-titled EP on Tuesday, November 25th at 529 when he plays in support of Highlander. Also performing will be E.T. Anderson (South Carolina) and Semicircle. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations accepted at the door.

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