PREMIERE: Outrageous Fun – “The Hegemony Claims Dusty”

Outrageous Fun - 30A

When we first caught up with Outrageous Fun late last year, the band was churning our sloppy punk that was spirited and fun, brimming with the kind of basement show exuberance that so many young bands reach for, but few manage to actually acquire. I wasn’t wholeheartedly sold on the group’s lasting power, but there was enough substance amidst the youthful clamor to leave me intrigued about what the group would do next.

Fast forward eleven months and the Atlanta trio is back with a new full length called 30A on the near horizon, and a lead single that features one of the best song titles I’ve come across in some time. “The Hegemony Claims Dusty,” which we’re excited to premiere today, finds the band sounding more confident and polished without sacrificing the anything-goes abandon of their previous releases. Scrappy punk riffs and San Hellmann’s hazed-out melodies still define the band’s core ethos, but this time around the trio incorporates some righteous psyche-surf grooves that levitate their sound from something purely raw and kinetic into something far more appreciable and, perhaps, lasting. Listen/download below.

30A arrives in early December via the band’s own NSA Records. It will be available on digital, CD and cassette.

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