PREMIERE: Suffer Dragon – “That Shines”

Suffer Dragon

Suffer Dragon is Adam Babar and Daniel Betts of Faun and a Pan Flute, which in a manner tells you much of what you need to know about the duo’s new project. Stylistically speaking, Faun and a Pan Flute have never been one to paint within the lines, so it makes sense that Babar and Betts would use this latest vehicle as an excuse to push their genre blurring even further. But where to exactly?

For one thing, to territory far more chaotic and abstract. The group’s debut record, Good Golf, is a wild assortment of mathy guitar eruptions, jazzy interludes, frazzled noise experimentation and scattershot drumming that despite it’s fractured nature never feels forced or laborious. Lead single “That Shines” is one of the more straightforward cuts on the record, the closest thing the two come to settling into any sort of standard rock structure. But it’s still a bit of a mind fuck with the duo locked in orbit, teetering on the edge of a monster groove that never materializes. Instead it’s tension building on tension, stacks of fragmented riffs toppled over into something resembling a unified pattern.

At the end of the day, Suffer Dragon might just be Babar on guitar and Betts on drums and keys, but they don’t allow their sparse lineup to keep them from crafting some remarkably inventive music. Listen below.

Good Golf arrives December 5th on digital and cassette via local label Staring at the Ceiling.

Suffer Dragon will celebrate the release of Good Golf on Friday, December 5th at Mammal Gallery. Supporting them will be Half Acid and Ginko. Doors open at 8 p.m. $5 gets you in.

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