Say Goodbye to Summer Today at Jortsfest

Muuy Biien
Muuy Biien

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of jorts, but if ever there was a day to reconsider an allegiance to the summer fashion staple it would be today as the second annual Jortfest hits Under the Couch at Georgia Tech. And while the calendar says there’s still a couple of weeks left until fall officially takes over, what better way to celebrate the looming end of summer than by enjoying a day full of local rock, punk and pop? Ambient/noise destroyers Muuy Biien lead a wide-spanning lineup that isn’t afraid to mix it up whether it’s with Antbrain’s brawny slacker rock, the Merry Go Rounds’ snappy indie pop or SEX BBQ’s psychedelic swirl of twisted party sounds. Admission to the fest is free, so no excuses.

Tenative Jortsfest schedule:
4:25 – Momcat
5:00 – The Marrows
5:35 – Antbrain
6:10 – Pallow
6:45 – Surrogates
7:20 – Rookie Move
7:55 – Man Up Yancey
8:30 – SEX BBQ
9:05 – Word Travels Fast
9:40 – Merry Go Rounds
10:15 – Muuy Biien
10:50 – Shelf Life

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