STREAM: Ill Poacher – “Trust”

Ill Poacher

If you were to say to me that experimental electronic duo Ill Poacher sounds like a cross between Qurious and Mood Rings, I’d agree that you weren’t too off either in personnel (Ill Poacher consists of Qurious sounscapist Mike Netland and Mood Rings synth player/guitarist Seth Bolton) or aesthetic. Sure, the focus is on what the duo like to call “dark dance,” but listen closely and you’ll hear traces of both of those bands floating in and out of the mix. New single “Trust” certainly has that mercurial Qurious vibe, complete with sweeping synths and celestial (albeit somewhat spooky) vocals, but everything is slowed down and stretched out as if doused with a heavy dose of codeine. There’s none of the jittery beats and off-kilter dance rhythms that marked much of the duo’s previous singles, but the hazy midnight atmosphere remains. Give it a listen below.

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