STREAM: Small Reactions – “Saints in Robes”

Small Reactions

On the heels of announcing some details on their first full-length album, here’s “Saints in Robes” the lead single from Small Reactions’ upcoming Similar Phantoms LP. The track continues the group’s trend of crafting whirring noise-pop anthems smeared in Wire-esque angularity and just a smidgen of shoegaze bliss. The band’s melodic prowess is on full display here, especially in the way Scotty Hoffman keeps his vocals tethered tight on a line and let’s the band unrelenting rhythmic thrust pull them along like so many kites caught in a windstorm. Lyrics stretch, contract and then leap into flight while chiming guitars maintain a breathless sprint forward. It’s euphoric, to be sure, but not without a hint of stormy darkness lurking at the edges. Listen below.

Similar Phantoms is out October 28 on cassette and digital via Bear Kids Recordings and on CD and vinyl via the band.

Small Reactions will perform tonight at the Deer Bear Wolf: Second Editions variety and magazine release show at Mammal Gallery. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $7 (no magazine) or $20 (with magazine).

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