STREAM: The Good Graces – “Standing in Line”

The Good Graces

The Good Graces have a history of being easy to digest and pleasant to the ears. Bandleader Kim Ware and her revolving cast of players write music that is simple and accessible, but don’t take that to mean that it’s dull or unimaginative.

“Standing in Line” is the first single off their new album, Close to the Sun, and it’s quintessential modern folk rock. Vocally, Ware sounds like a subdued Kim Deal and stylistically the song follows a winsome and almost peppy path, which serves to hide some of the sadness lurking in the lyrics. There’s also a ’90s throwback aesthetic at play with grungy lead guitars layered on top on the group’s acoustic-led rhythms. It’s just enough vinegar to keep the track from becoming too precious and saccharine.

Songs about rocky or stagnant relationships are easy to identify with (Lord knows I’ve spent my share of time “standing in line” with a fella or two in my life), and the Good Graces have crafted a hooky winner that sticks with you. Listen below.

Close to the Sun dropped this past Tuesday and is available on via Bandcamp and other digital outlets. For all you record lovers out there, vinyl copies will be released in a limited capacity on October 28.

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