STREAM: Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun – “Powerline”

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

With “Powerline,” the third track to be revealed off their upcoming QUADS EP, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun continue their exploration of booming, dance-focused electropop with yet another ferociously catchy number lathered in rumbling bass and grimy synths. Lauren Gibson is once again in fine form; her vocals sound bold and assertive, but there’s also a playful spirit here that melds surprisingly well with the music’s nocturnal ambiance. “You weigh your love, don’t weigh us down” she implores right before the track erupts into a triumphant roar of throbbing beats and pulsing electronic grooves. The breakdown is a little abrasive, but overall the song’s radiant grandeur is undeniable. Listen below.

QUADS marks TTM,TTS’ fourth EP, which apparently is something of a theme for this release. From the band’s press release:

QUADS felt like an appropriate album title because of the reoccurrence of the number 4. It’s our 4th EP, there are 4 tracks on it, it’s release is in the 4th month of year, and TTM,TTS has been the same 4 people since it’s inception in 2007. This EP was a real labor of love, taking almost a year from writing to mastering. And even though it took a great deal of work and patience, we’re entirely proud of it. It’s big and bright and bold.

The EP will be available digitally on April 29th with a physical release to follow this June.

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun will celebrate the release of the QUADS EP on Friday, April 25th at Terminal West. Supporting them will be Small Reactions and Fox Grin. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10.

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