STREAM: Warning Light – “Sunrise Over Infinity”

Warning Light

Oh, Warning Light. You’re forever making me wait, toying with tension, promising the tumult that never arrives. You get me every time.

“Sunrise Over Infinity,” the first single from your upcoming cassette, The Lost Patterns, is more of what I’ve come to expect from your electronic experimentation: a rising synth loop endlessly repeating, building in fractured increments. It’s simplicity is subtle and deceiving; just as the circuitous drone begins to settle into a pulsing constant, the fissures begin to make themselves known. At first, it’s a flutter of wind cutting across the song’s stready upward ascent, then it’s a counter pulse that momentarily accelerates the flight. It’s not much, but it’s enough to distract me from the web you’re spinning, the patterned threads of which always seem to keep me ensnared. It’s not your best work, but it’s still entrancing. What can I say? You get me every time.

The Lost Patterns is due out May 26 via DKA Records.

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