STREAM: Whores. – “Bloody Like the Day You Were Born”


It wasn’t exactly a surprise that Whores. were contributing a new track to the latest installment of Amphetamine Reptile’s infamous Dope-Guns-’N-Fucking in the Streets series. The band has mentioned it several times on their Facebook feed and those fans paying attention knew it was only a matter of time before the trio dropped another skull-crusher on our collective consciousness. But damn if that old Christmas morning, “holy shit, I can’t believe it’s here!” feeling didn’t punch me square in the gut when the track was posted earlier this afternoon.

And what a monster this thing is! It’s everything you would want from the band’s first post-Clean effort — it’s loud, dirty and mean; it’s merciless in its primal aggression. Part of me has to believe that they were saving this one for just this occasion. When frontman Christian Lembach leaps into the fray, knives out, and carves “All you dumb fuckers asleep on your feet!” into every listener’s chest, it’s undeniably one of the group’s first true plant their flag moments. For a filthy noise-rock outfit like Whores., AmRep is clearly hallowed ground, but it’s also territory to be conquered. And everything about “Bloody Like the Day You Were Born” feels like a violent and hostile takeover. Riffs growl, stomp and slash while the rhythm section pummels everything in sight. It’s not so much a call to arms as a warning to get the fuck out of their way or risk getting mowed over. “Are you scared to get bloody?” Lembach asks, but there’s no time to answer. This is guerilla warfare for your soul, and the carnage is piling up. Listen below.

Whores. will perform on Saturday, October 18 at the Earl. Supporting them will be fellow locals Rapturous Grief, Bodyfather, +1 TBA. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10.

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