VIDEO: Antbrain – “I Like Her”

Antbrain - I Like HerAntbrain is one of those innumerable bands I should know more about and pay greater attention to, but for some reason I always seem to forget about. Fortunately, the group was nice enough to reach out and let me know about their new EP, Full Moon, released last month, as well as their latest video, this one for lead single “I Like Her.” Basically, if you’re into big, fuzzed-out riffs and slacker pop hooks that hurl forth like the ’90s never ended, you should spend some time digging though the group’s Bandcamp page. There’s some real gold buried in there.

As for the video, the elements involved are simple even if the execution is a little off-kilter: there’s a cheating couple, a suspecting husband/boyfriend who hasn’t quite put the affair together, and a lover who pushes his luck too far. The end result is more goofy and humorous than anything else, which seems to be in keeping with director (and Antbrain bassist) Dave Bonawits’ style. In addition to the band’s previous video for “Martin,” Bonawits has also produced work for fellow locals Nomen Novum and the Manticores, each of which dabbles in the surreal in its own way. In any case, if you’re in for a bit of absurdist, adulterous fun with a killer soundtrack then by all means check it out below.

Full Moon is available now as name your price download on Bandcamp.

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