VIDEO: Big Jesus – “Again” (Live from Thunderbox)

Big Jesus - AgainSo this live video of Big Jesus performing in their practice space just showed up in my Facebook feed about an hour ago and I’ve been watching it on a loop ever since. Which is a little weird because in truth there’s not a lot going on here in terms of action, and what activity you can see is mostly obfuscated by what looks to be the intersecting of several camera angles layered on top one another to create this sort of undulating, translucent effect where everyone in the band appears to be an insubstantial shadow of themselves. It’s pretty cool, I suppose, even if the novelty of it wears off fairly quickly. But this is Big Jesus we’re taking about, so I’m much more interested in listening to these guys rip through a torrid, ferociously tight version of “Again” more than I am anything else. And guess what? The dudes delivered once again, per usual. I wrote a little bit yesterday about how post-hardcore seems to be experiencing a resurgence in Atlanta and these guys are a huge reason why. Watch/listen below.

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