VIDEO: Del Venicci – “Jungle Arms”

Del Venicci - Jungle ArmsWith an array of positive press from the likes of Spin, Magnet, Impose Magazine and others, dream pop quartet Del Venicci are quietly having a very good year. I say quietly because for whatever reason the band has yet to attract the groundswell of local support that you might expect from a group gaining so much outside attention. It certainly isn’t from a lack of creative output. “Jungle Arms” is the sixth and final video to be unveiled in support of the group’s debut EP, Haunted Hall, and it finds the band doing what they do best: delivering dark, seductive, ethereal pop music accompanied by visuals that lean towards the abstract in terms of narrative or meaning. Not a whole lot happens over the course of the video—it’s mostly just grainy, slow-motion footage of the band and a few others hanging out on the front porch of a house while engaged in fairly nondescript activities: swaying dreamily with the music, tinkering with a small keyboard, or, in the case of bassist Jonathan Merenivitch, talking on an old-style rotary phone. There’s also a girl carrying a plastic flamingo, if that helps any. To a degree it feels affected, a charge I’ve leveled at Del Venicci before, and which may help explain some people’s reluctance to support the band. But when your stated goal is to become “multi-functional art collective” in the spirt of the Velvet Underground, there’s bound to be some missteps and more than a few detractors. What matters most is the group continue to push their boundaries; the rest—for better or worse—will follow. Watch/listen below.

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