VIDEO: Mood Rings – “The Line” (indieATL Session)

Mood Rings - The LineFor all the wonderful work that indieATL does, their Sessions are merely a platform for bands to showcase their songs in a live setting. Regardless of the artist, we all know the production is going to be top-notch, so what’s critical, of course, are the performances. Given that, it’s a little strange that almost all bands opt for straight-forward renditions of what are usually their most well-known songs rather than taking a risk on a more obscure cut or some new arrangement. This isn’t SNL or The Tonight Show, after all; it’s just one step in what is likely a long series of stones. Why not take a chance and color outside the lines a little?

I’m not sure if it was this line of thinking that drove Mood Rings to offer up this ethereal, minimalist version of “The Line,” but I’m sure glad they did. And not because it tops the original in any significant way. I can certainly appreciate the track’s hushed moodiness and Will Fussell’s breathy vocals are compelling as always, but the full-band version on VPI Harmony is superior in my mind.

No, what I appreciate is the willingness—for better or for worse—to do something a little different and present known material in a new context. To the average viewer, it’s just another indieATL Session, to be enjoyed or not. But for fans of the band, it’s a left turn and a welcome surprise, an opportunity to re-explore and reassess something which we all thought to be familiar. So, yeah, this might not be a big step in the band’s steady ascension, but it’s definitely a far more interesting one.

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