VIDEO: O’Brother – “Perilous Love”

O'Brother - Perilous LoveIf you happen to be one of the five members of O’Brother, life would seem to be very good right now. For the most part, your sophomore LP, Disillusion, has been an unqualified success; you’re wrapping up the final leg of a winter tour, opening for sludge lords Big Business and stoner metal kings the Sword; and you’re going to follow that up with a European spring tour with post-hardcore titans La Dispute. Pretty peachy, no? I mean, as long as you can survive band practice everything should continue to turn up roses, right? Because as the group’s new video for “Perilous Love” shows us, these things have a way of going violently awry. One little altercation between band members can lead to pushing and shoving, which can lead to deadly brain trauma. And from there it’s just a bloody dominoes effect where no one is safe. No one except bassist Anton Dang, that is. Because apparently, he’s a psychopath. Watch the bodies pile up below.

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