VIDEO: Small Reactions – “Terrorangles”

Small Reactions - TerroranglesMy roundup of amazing shit that happened while I was overseas continues with this killer new video from Small Reactions, who once again display a knack for pulling off simple but visually arresting ideas that are perfectly suited to their aesthetic (see also: last year’s video for “Michael J. Foxworthy”). I’ve never considered band’s music to be very psychedelic—it’s much too structured and streamlined—but then again there does seem to be a moment in a lot of their songs when it sounds like everything is coming unhinged and the bottom is about to drop out. Not tripped out, per se, but certainly “out there” in its own way. “Terrorangles” appears to be all wiry guitars and shout-along vocals, and yet it’s frenetic pace and abstract bent make it perfect fodder for directors Mike Morgan and Mitchell Hardage’s surreal assault on the senses. As drummer Sean Zearfoss explained to PureVolume:

The majority of the effects in the “Terrorangles” video are products of the feedback loop created by the filming itself. The idea isn’t new, but it is important to find that the idea is kind of an update on many of psych video tradition with bands like Black Sabbath simply playing in a room with weird projections behind them. This time, though, the projection and the film are one in the same. It’s video inception, really.

Experience the mind-bending madness below.

Similar Phantoms is available now on digital and cassette via Bear Kids Recordings, and on CD and vinyl formats through their Bandcamp page.

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