VIDEO: Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun – “Youth Found in the Night”

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun - Youth Found in the NightAfter a considerable absence, electro rockers Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun finally burst back onto the scene this past Wednesday, unveiling their video for new single “Youth Found in the Night.” The song, pulled from the band’s upcoming QUADS EP, due out in April, finds the group pushing their more effusive dance-pop tendencies to the forefront and scaling back on the angular guitar-fueled dissonance. It’s a noticeable shift from the balanced attack TTMTTS have worked to perfect in the past, but it works here, in part because Lauren Gibson pulls off fragility and triumph with equal aplomb, her emotive vocals breathing color and mystery into the band’s indelible hooks.

The video, directed by guitarist Cregg Gibson, is a subtle build-up, focusing its attention almost exclusively on Gibson—first by framing her in all black and then alternately boxing her in with white lights pulsing in time with the music. Her bandmates make appearances too, rushing past her on a darkened street and lining up as a group on a hilltop, but it isn’t until we see Gibson dancing at a house party that we really arrive at the true spirit of the song. Watch/listen below.

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