VIDEO: Zoners – “X2Vision”

Zoners - X2VisionBack in April, Matt McCalvin told us in an interview that the current incarnation of Zoners featured the strongest lineup that he could ask for in a band; from a personality and musical standpoint, everything clicked. And after watching this video for their feverish single “X2Vision,” it’s hard to argue. Yes, there’s a shit ton of totally absurd party antics at play — director Kelly Stroup of fellow punks Dasher and Manic throws in plenty of fireworks, guns, Halloween masks, fake blood, wanton destruction and more — but damn if these dudes don’t look like they’re having more fun than just about anybody else on the planet. If you’re of the notion, as I am, that camaraderie in a band matters, then this video offers some insight into the inner workings of the group. What little music they’ve released has skirted the fringes of chaotic, obtuse punk, but there’s always a feeling of psychedelic jubilation lurking at the heart. The band that parties together, I guess.

“X2Vision” is available as part of a split 7-inch with Onchi and will also appear on Zoners’ upcoming EP, Brain Delay, due out later this year.

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